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 Manor Mysteries

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PostSubject: Manor Mysteries   27/8/2013, 07:14

So I can imagine a time somewhere in the past, the story is set in an old manor, where there is the 'lord' of the manor, and then his daughter. There would be staff throughout the manner as well, plus visitors that have been welcomed into the manor, so basically I see a thrush of characters that could tie into the story.

The lord's daughter would have one of those posh personality, having grown up spoiled rotten and picky. In this part of the plot, the daughter gets kidnapped for ransom, and no one (not even the daughter) can identify the culprit. This in itself could be a short story (by short, I mean like 10 pages long or more) where the daughter is trying to find out who did it, as she suspects it had to be someone from within the manor. The one behind it could probably be a visitor of the castle, or one of the angry staff, trying to either teach the girl a lesson, or get some cash in the bank, or both.

I could see this being a series of short stories, the first setting upon the basis of the family at the manor, a few key staff, and then explain that its summer, and the visitors the good Lord of the manor has invited to stay are staying throughout the season. I'd say these visitors (could be several) all grew up in a rich family, so a lot of the characters could have little dark twists roaming through their minds~ x3 Each story of the series could switch focus from character to character, the last perhaps being the Lord of the Manor himself? Hrmmmm?

Anyways, wanted to write this down before I forgot! Let me know if you think its cool, or wanna help write it, I'll probably find time for this cause it sounds fun! ^_^
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PostSubject: Re: Manor Mysteries   19/11/2013, 00:26

    I propose we call it Murky Manor!
    (idek found this in a notebook somewhere..)

    Madame McKee worked in the manor as the housekeeper. At sixty-four, she was besides Lady Lenore the oldest among the household residents. Oh she'd seen people come and go, and she knew how they spoke about the house when they thought no one could hear them. The Murky Manor, they whispered, there was something shady going on behind the gloomy walls.

    Madame McKee kept watch over other servants; gave out instructions and job schedules.
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Manor Mysteries
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