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 An Aura in Aurora's Castle (WIP)

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PostSubject: An Aura in Aurora's Castle (WIP)   5/7/2013, 08:05

An Aura in Aurora's Castle

Aura couldn't focus on one thing for more then two seconds. Her bright green eyes danced around the room, followed the curves of the rows upon rows of arches, traced the red and gold patterns on the walls, and drifted up, and up until they rested on the great big dome above. The paintings on the walls had faded in color, and the structures had cracked with age, but the gold trim showed an a greatness of a time long-since passed. A great big hall, that once seated powerful Kings and wise Queens, had now aged from a forgotten way, a lost fantasy.

Though to her young eyes, this throne room still glistened in a way, like she could see it for what it once was. She could imagine an artisan, still putting on the last coat of paint on the wall to her right, and towards the massive wooden doors, a squire was announcing the entrance of some important visitors. And in the center of the hall, the royals sat on their two grand thrones, laughing over whatever conversation they seemed to be having. Perhaps they knew a silly little secret about their visitors. Aura smiled at the thought, and stepped lightly towards the big doors. As she drew near a column, it absorbed her attention. She examined the tiny veins branching out across the thick marble, and reached out to it, wanting to trace her hands along its smooth surface.

"Don't touch that, dear!" Aura jumped as a voice called out from behind, abruptly yanking her back into reality.

She stepped back and turned to the group of adults at the stairs. She couldn't discern who had spoken out, so she simply apologized to all of them, "Sorry," she bowed her head, her face hot with embarrassment. Once the grown-ups went on with their quieted conversations, she turned back to the big doors, looking over every detail they had to show her. To anyone else, they were just doors, they were a mystical doorway to the past. She couldn't even guess how many times they had been opened, but it did make her wonder just how heavy they were. Her hands were itching to try, but were also afraid to get yelled at again. Instead, she let out a big breath, tucked a blonde strand of hair behind her ear, and turned to view the other awe-inspiring artwork.
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An Aura in Aurora's Castle (WIP)
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