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 The Days of Padawan Keliso (WIP)

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PostSubject: The Days of Padawan Keliso (WIP)   4/1/2016, 08:52

Crouched low under a thick tree root, Keliso scanned her surroundings, seeking out enemies, and attempting to discern the path she should take. Night hung over the forest like a thick fabric, and truthfully, it was difficult for Keliso to see the beasts that roamed these woods. Even if one of the creatures stood in front of her, the night was their hunting grounds; she would have to use more than sight to complete her master's test. She grit her teeth at the rustling of leaves nearby, but she couldn't move and alert her presence to whatever was nearby. Keliso drew a steady breath, and gazed down at the lightsaber in her hand. She let all other thoughts leave her as she studied the double-bladed hilt: the black coupler that joined the two silver hilts together, of which had simple but beautiful markings carved into. The whole of the hilt was designed in a balance between light and dark designs. Fitting, for a Shadow, such as herself, and the work that would one day be required of her. Her grip tightened on her trusted weapon as she closed her eyes and focused. Another breath in, and then out, and she began sensing the force flowing around her. A few meters ahead, she knew one of the beasts waited, though it was not aware of her presence.

Swiftly and silently, Keliso evaporated into thin air, becoming invisible to the creature's eyes as she moved out into the open. But this would not help with its sense of smell and hearing, however, so she had to skirt around the long way to continue East, towards the spot Master Atreus mentioned. She used a similar tactic to avoid many other threats on her way there. Master Atreus had brought Keliso here to train, but with relations between the Voss and the Republic as fragile as it was, they had to keep this visit a secret from the Voss. Keliso suspected this was one of the reasons her Master chose this place, to not only train her skills as a Jedi, but to become accustomed to remaining hidden. He had asked to meet her deep in this forest- what the Voss called the Nightmare Lands, or so he had told her.

When she reached the clearing she thought her Master had described, she brought up the projected display on her forearm to confirm the coordinates. This was indeed the place, but Master Atreus was nowhere to be found. She looked all around, but then suddenly heard the draw of a lightsaber, and had her reflexes failed her, and she hadn't drawn her own saber to block his swing, Keliso would have lost her head right then and there.

"M-Master! What are you doing?" Their sabers sparked, as his brute strength threatened to brake her sway; it took all her might to keep him from crushing her. And surely the sounds of their weapons clashing would attract the nearby predators of the forest.

"Training you, my young Padawan." Even in the midst of combat, he maintained that ever calm and collected expression on his face, as though he was indifferent to everything going on. Sometimes she almost believed that to be true. That training his apprentice was simply an assignment he'd been given, and nothing more.

He suddenly pushed her back and knocked her off balance, and faded from sight, much like how she had done with the animals she had to sneak passed to get here. She looked around wildly, her saber ready to block at the first sign of his swing, but she would never detect him if she didn't calm down.

"If you are to be a spy for the Jedi Order, you must learn to fight enemies with similar skill sets to your own. There are many Sith who can hide just as we can, and if you can't defend yourself against them, you will die." He revealed himself again at the end of his sentence, swinging at her once again with his double-bladed lightsaber, and it was all she could do to fall backwards and dodge the attack. Once again, he disappeared, before she could retaliate with a counter attack.

"This is crazy!" She suddenly bursted, "You would have me fight my own master?" She looked around again, hoping that when he spoke this time, she would have time to discern his location. But he did not answer. With a brief sigh, she adjusted her stance and switched off her lightsaber, so as not to allow the weapons sounds drown out her Master's presence. It was risky, as it would take longer for her to block any of his attacks, but it was a much better alternative to remaining oblivious to his position.
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The Days of Padawan Keliso (WIP)
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