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 Domestic Stuff (aka come up with a better title later)

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Nethra Lavellan
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PostSubject: Domestic Stuff (aka come up with a better title later)   11/9/2015, 06:14

She was all knees and elbows, long limbs that didn't quite fit her body. Still, there was a grace underlying it all as she hopped from rock to rock in the river bed, deftly avoiding the rushing current beneath her. Her bare feet barely made contact with the solid stone and left no trace of her passing, her hair flying out behind her as she raced ever forward.

“Hey wait up Neth! I don't think I can get across. Let's go a different way.”

Nethra turned at the sound of her friends voice, halting her break neck pace as easily as she had started it. She stood poised on a sliver of a stone in the middle of the river, the water lapping at her now motionless feet. With a casual flick of her hand she pushed her wild hair out of her eyes and grinned. “Aw come on Tae. Don't be like that.” She had to nearly shout over the sound of the rapids, her voice not yet grown into the musical tones they would one day carry. “You can do it, just try. It's not that far to jump.”

She waited in the river somewhat impatiently, eager to again be on the move. Taevan, her dearest friend, struggled to find his footing on the slippery rocks and more than once came close to plunging into the water until he finally stood on the rock directly behind her.

“Hah! I did it!”

“See, told you,” Nethra gave him another grin, her sun darkened skin gleaming in the water's reflection. “Now come on, we've gotta hurry. My mom's gonna be pissed if I'm late again.”

With as little as that she was off again, leaving Taevan to follow behind and watch her as she leaped her way to the opposite bank with all the grace of the halla's they kept back at camp. There was little that would stop Nethra, and even less that would slow her down.

When they made it back into the camp the sun was already setting. The tents of the clan spread out before them in the clearing, smoke from cooking fires rising visibly. Nethra finally stopped and turned to look up at Taevan, who although was only two years older than her, was already more than a head and shoulders taller. Her breathing came easy – she had not exerted herself at all in their dash to return home. He, however, was taking long slow breaths to slow his heart beat back to normal.

“Do you wanna come in for dinner?” She asked, motioning towards her tent.

“Nah, I got to meet the Keeper for some kind of lesson tonight. I'll see you tomorrow though. I'm gonna show you this new trick I learned that'll make your hair even more frizzy.”

“Yeah right, like I'm letting you go anywhere near me with your crazy magic.” Despite her words she rushed forward and hugged her friend fiercely, noticing not for the first time the way he smelled of arbor blessing and ground cloves. “See you later Tae!”

Not waiting to watch him walk away, Nethra turned and entered the nearest tent, which was the one that her and her family shared. “Sorry I'm late! Is there anything left to help with?” She spoke as soon as she was inside the canvas flap that served as a door, hoping that her offer for assistance would make up for the fact that she was supposed to be back by now.

“Nethra, da'len, you're covered in mud.” Her mother was seated by the small cookfire in the middle of the tent, tending to a pot that was bubbling with that nights dinner. She looked at Nethra with eyes that were a near mirror of her own, except for the speckles of brown Nethra had inherited from her father. Her words were gentle and soft, as was the look she gave her eldest daughter despite her late arrival. “Wash your hands and then help me cut these apples.”

Never one to take her time in following her parent's requests, Nethra moved to the wash basin in the corner and began to scrape the mud off of her palms. Her father was seated nearby, hands busy carving a piece of wood into the shape of a crow. Even now, with Nethra on the cusp of womanhood, there was a striking resemblance between father and daughter, seen best when he grinned over at her, the freckles on his skin matching hers.

“Were you out with Taevan?” He asked, and Nethra nodded in affirmation. Where else would she have been? “You take him to the lake the hard way?” Again she nodded, the hint of a smile playing on her lips. Her father laughed, rose from his seat and ruffled her hair affectionately. “That's my girl.”

With her hands dirt free Nethra continued on to the task her mother had given her, taking a seat on the floor by the fire. Her younger sister was nearby, close to their mother as usual. “Hey Keerla,” she said in greeting. “Did you have fun today?”
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Domestic Stuff (aka come up with a better title later)
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