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 power basket

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PostSubject: power basket   13/3/2014, 17:14

I was thinking it might be easier to keep track of and easily look up our characters' powers if we posted them in a thread or something;; basically we'd be keeping notes on their development (ex if a new power appeared what triggered it, what our character know about their powers so far etc). So we can keep track of their progress, update the little changes and maybe offer suggestions to one another on how to further develop the powers (I'm probably going to need help with this last one sooo).

>> posting this before I forget the general idea of it; I'll add more info later
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Levi Jones

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PostSubject: Re: power basket   15/3/2014, 18:17

Healing factor:
When injured, the wound will begin to heal itself immediately, though the time it takes to fully heal depends on the severity. A slice from a knife, for example, would stitch itself back together in minutes, while multiple stab wounds would take hours to days.

The healing factor does not protect against pain; Levi can still feel everything just as a normal person would. It also does not protect against death; if he is struck in such a way that would kill him before his healing factor was able to kick in, he would die. For example, decapitation or knife to a vital part of his brain. Most illnesses do not affect him for his healing factor fights them off easily, though of course there are exceptions to this as well if the illnesses it strong and fast acting enough.

Levi's healing factor cannot be turned on or off at will. This can become detrimental if mutant control or any other person who is against mutant rights notices his accelerating healing; it is a dead give away of what he is.

Enhanced Agility/Reflexes
Levi's physical reactions are incredibly fast; he can sense things the moment they happen and act in less than the blink of an eye. This makes him very coordinated and fast-acting with what appears to the untrained eye as a sort of precognition but is in fact just physical stimuli that others are incapable of processing. His balance and coordination have also been enhanced to the point where he is agile and accurate in his movements.

While these powers can appear to be human if not used to their full potential, it is hard to mistake them for the normal level that even the best athletes strive to achieve when used fully.

I don't see Levi's powers changing much, other than maybe getting a bit stronger or weaker, depending on the situations. He could lose his healing factor for a while at some point, that seems to happen for various reasons in the comics. Maybe in time he can develop enhanced stamina, as it tends to go along the same lines, but I don't want to end up with him being overpowering.
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power basket
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