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 Very Condensed and not Full History

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Levi Jones

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PostSubject: Very Condensed and not Full History    4/3/2014, 18:49

Please refer to the X-Men Wiki and the Marvel Wiki for a more full account of the X-Men Universe and History as it was before the setting we are making.

I just condensed a few things I thought were important to give you a very brief idea of what the world for mutants was like, because I think that is what will be important for us.

The source and reason behind a mutants power is a gene termed the X-gene (creative!). This gene can bestow powers that range from barely noticeable to god-like. The X-gene generally begins to manifest itself around puberty, showing the signs of whatever power it grants at that time. While there were instances of this gene throughout history, during the 20th century there was an exponential growth of its appearance in the population, popularly theorized as due to the increase in nuclear experiments and technologies at that time.

As the numbers of mutants grew havens such as the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters (also known as the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning and a million other aliases), located in New York state, appeared. These were places where mutants could learn to control their powers and be in a safe environment with others like themselves. The school itself has been changed (or destroyed) and seen changes in faculty throughout the years, due to the frequency in which people move on or in some cases die.

The history of mutants is fraught with discrimination, hate, pursuit, and in some cases (see Genosha in the wiki) slavery. Its population therefore is always fluctuating between high numbers and very low numbers. During an event know as M-Day the mutant  know as the Scarlet Witch used her powers to turn the X-gene in many of the worlds mutants inactive. These mutants (as much as 90% of the population) lost their powers and new mutants did not develop. After some time another event occurred where the effect was reversed and once again new mutants began to appear and former mutants powers were returned. However this did leave their ranks down to the hundreds, worldwide. There were even bands of mutants (collectively known at the Brotherhood, sometimes) that worked together  in an attempt to assert dominance over the human population, believing that mutants were in all ways superior. This of course was met with more fighting and in some cases more loss of both mutants and humans alike. So, obviously, relations between humans and mutants are always a little shaky.

So there is a tiny bit of information for you. If you have questions look to the wikis or ask one of us (David and I?).
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Very Condensed and not Full History
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